Student Ministries

Quad Cities Christian School (QCCS) provides a distinctive learning environment that distinguishes us from public schools. We believe in nurturing our students’ intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual growth, and we aim to achieve this through an integrated academic program that emphasizes Christian values, character development, and community involvement. Our experienced teachers use innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge technology to engage students and help them achieve their full potential. We are committed to providing a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment where every student feels valued and supported.

Bible Classes

Every day, students across all grades immerse themselves in engaging Bible classes tailored to their age and grade level.

From interactive storytelling for our youngest learners to thought-provoking discussions on character development for older students, these classes provide a solid foundation in Christian principles and values.

Inspiring Chapel Services

Weekly chapel services are a highlight, bringing our school community together for worship, prayer, and spiritual growth.

Led by our talented chapel worship team, students actively participate in uplifting worship sessions with vibrant hymns and praise songs.

Chapel messages, delivered by guest speakers or faculty members, ignite inspiration and encourage students to reflect on their faith journey.

Empowering Ministries and Service Projects

At QCCS, we believe in putting our faith into action through various local and global service initiatives.

Students eagerly participate in meaningful activities like volunteering opportunities, organizing materials for missions, and other community service projects.

These experiences foster compassion and empathy and empower students to make a difference in the world around them.

Faith-Infused Learning

Our curriculum goes beyond academics, seamlessly integrating faith into every subject.

Teachers infuse biblical principles into lessons, sparking lively discussions and encouraging students to explore how Christianity intersects with their daily lives and learning.

At Quad (QCCS), we take pride in creating an inclusive and diverse learning environment. Our school is more than just a place of education – it’s a vibrant community that fosters academic excellence, spiritual growth, and a heart for service in every student. Our experienced faculty and staff are dedicated to providing personalized attention and support to each student. We offer a wide range of academic programs, extracurricular activities, and service opportunities to help our students develop their talents, pursue their passions, and make a positive impact in the world. 

Join us on this exciting journey of discovery and transformation, and become part of a community that will inspire you to reach your full potential!

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