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Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten

Building Strong Foundations at Quad Cities Christian School

At Quad Cities Christian School, we understand the critical juncture in a child’s spiritual, academic, and social development. That’s why we are committed to laying a strong foundation that will pave the way for their future success. Our students engage in interactive learning experiences covering crucial arithmetic and phonological awareness skills while immersing in Biblically-centered teachings and social activities. As a result, our preschool through prekindergarten program consistently equips students with the necessary tools to excel beyond their public school peers upon entering Kindergarten.


Pre-School Program Attendance Options:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Half-day or full-day attendance
  • Monday, Wednesday, and Friday: Half-day or full-day attendance
  • Tuesday, Thursday: Half-day or full-day attendance

Requirements for students entering Pre-School Program:

  • Must be fully potty trained
  • Must have turned three years old on or before August 1st
  • All health documentation must be submitted to the office before August 1st


Pre-Kindergarten Program Attendance Options:

  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday: Half-day or full-day attendance
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: Half-day or full-day attendance

Requirements for students entering Pre-Kindergarten Program:

  • Must have turned four years old on or before October 31st
  • All health documentation must be submitted to the office before August 1st


Language and Phonological Awareness – Embarking on Literary Adventures!

Step into our preschool world, where every day is a new chapter in the literacy journey. Our curriculum is a vibrant tapestry woven with engaging activities, introducing little ones to the wonders of quality children’s literature. From timeless stories and nursery rhymes to delightful poetry and catchy songs, our students are immersed in a captivating realm of language and imagination.

Our emphasis on reading readiness transforms every activity into a stepping stone for young minds. Picture this: children mastering left-to-right reading, eagerly turning pages, recalling stories with glee, and expressing their thoughts with growing confidence. It’s not just about ABCs; our preschoolers dive into the world of upper and lower case letters, letter sounds, and the rhythmic dance of foundational phonological awareness principles – the building blocks of fluent reading.

Now, as the curtain rises on Pre-Kindergarten, the excitement amplifies! Building upon the solid foundations laid in preschool, our Pre-Kinders become literary explorers. The first semester unfolds with rhyming adventures, syllable discoveries, and the magic of blending initial consonants with vowels. And guess what? The second semester promises a thrilling leap into reading short words and sentences. Imagine the joy, the progress, and the sparkle in their eyes as our carefully crafted curriculum propels them toward a future filled with the magic of literacy. Every day is a new chapter, and the adventure is just beginning!

Unleashing Creative Marvels in the World of Writing!

In our preschool classroom, pencils graciously step aside as our young explorers embark on a thrilling journey of discovery. Our Preschool students’ tiny hands swirl lines, shaping imagination, and scribbling delightfully. These children are engaged in various fun activities, like coloring, cutting, painting, lacing, gluing, tracing, and creating with play dough. These activities are not just enjoyable, they also help to strengthen their small muscles.

Our young learners are in for a treat as they develop their hand-eye coordination and grip through engaging activities. These interactive exercises are not only easy to follow but also designed to cultivate essential skills in an entertaining manner. But wait, there’s more! Our little learners will have a blast using various materials, from markers and crayons to scissors and paintbrushes, all with unique grips. They’ll hone their handwriting skills as they trace letters, numbers, and even their own names, tapping into their creativity and mastering control and precision. Pursuing penmanship is a vital journey filled with boundless opportunities for creativity and personal flair. The page before our students is a limitless canvas, awaiting their skilled little hand to craft it precisely and gracefully.


Learning is an exciting adventure filled with numbers, shapes, and endless discovery! We aim to make every moment count as we guide our little learners through the magical world of mathematics and cognitive development.

As you step into our preschool classroom, you’ll witness the sheer joy on the faces of little ones flipping through pages of our delightful numbers work. With each number they recognize and every one-to-one correlation they understand, their confidence grows and their smiles light up the room.

But that’s just the beginning! In our vibrant classrooms, cognitive skills come to life through hands-on activities and playful exploration. From sorting colorful shapes to sequencing fun stories, our young scholars embark on a journey of discovery, where every challenge is a chance to learn and grow.

Welcome to our Pre-Kindergarten math program, where every day is an adventure in learning and discovery! At our school, we believe in nurturing young minds and igniting a love for learning that knows no bounds. Here, your child will embark on a thrilling journey of exploration, where numbers come alive, patterns dance, and curiosity is celebrated.

Our vibrant classrooms encourage children to count, explore, and engage with numbers excitingly. From mastering the art of counting to 100 by ones and tens, to confidently writing whole numbers from 0 to 20 and identifying number words, our students are empowered to unleash their mathematical potential.

But that’s just the beginning! Through hands-on activities and interactive learning experiences, children learn to represent numbers using objects and written numerals, grasping the concept that the quantity of objects remains the same regardless of arrangement or counting order. They delight in counting out objects, matching sets, and discovering the relationships between quantities, whether greater than, less than, or equal to.

As part of our dynamic math curriculum, children also explore the fascinating world of time. From morning to evening, yesterday to tomorrow, and everything in between, they learn to describe time intervals and understand how calendars and clocks are essential tools for measuring time.

With our engaging and interactive approach to math, your child will build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts and develop a lifelong love for learning and exploration. Join us on this incredible journey, where every moment is an opportunity to inspire, discover, and dream!

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