Pre-school and Pre-Kindergarten

Our Purpose
“To Provide learning experiences to develop the students’ spiritual, intellectual, social, physical, and emotional potential.”

Four and Five Year Olds…


Each member of our staff understands the importance of laying a good foundation for your child’s success in elementary school. We will guide each child’s curiosity through early language experiences by using developmentally appropriate lessons and activities based on a strong phonics approach. We will teach the love of numbers through number recognition, we will help him to set spiritual goals and to learn biblical sound social behavior. The goal is to help children feel positive about themselves and about school. Extended learning such as special classroom guests and field trips also enrich each child’s experience.

Three and Four Year Olds…


In a loving, Christian environment, three and four-year-old children are encouraged and guided into a love of learning. Using a developmental approach, children explore to learn based on their unique interests and skills. Daily lessons introduce math concepts such as number recognition, counting and patterning, early literacy skills beginning with letter recognition and sounds, creativity and problem-solving. Child-directed play strategies give children an environment in which to strengthen skills in expressing and regulating emotions and opportunities to make friends. Teachers provide support in thinking and making sense of a child’s world. It is our passion to nurture your child’s sense of curiosity and wonder to start them on a journey of a bright future.

We provide:

  • A fundamental curriculum
  • Certified teachers
  • Field trips
  • Loving instruction
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